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Global Citizens

July 17, 2012

From the Field

The World From a Child’s Perspective

How do you view your world and your place in it?  Can you think of traits that are uniquely American; things that define American culture to the outside world? (Or insert your home country, if otherwise.) When you envision the globe, do you think of the maps we hang in our school classrooms with Europe at the center? I confess I do.

We gave the kids a little project to draw their home, their city, their country, then their world.

They have a lot of practice drawing their homes and family. What was nearer was easier; further required imagination and speculation.

We talked about their city and Thailand, what kinds of sights and aspects were uniquely Thai.

Then we asked them to draw their world.

And look what we found at the center.

Never underestimate a child’s ability to make you see things differently.

Jade Keller
Education Program Manager

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