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Bringing Imaginary Friends to Life

July 31, 2012

From the Field

A couple of days ago, we introduced you to our fabulous intern, Zoey Hart, who is here for a month. She has created a whole curriculum of creative expression for the kids and boldly wasted no time in jumping in heart first with our students. I’ll let her tell you more about what she’s up to (post to come soon!), but in the meantime, let me give you a little sneak peek.

I arrived one day to find the kids knee-deep in felt, buttons, and giggles. Zoey came up with a fantastic project where the kids engaged in an imagination exercise. They imagined themselves going to a tropical island, and with them, came an imaginary friend. They had to write out details about this friend of theirs: who he was, what she looked like, where she was from, etc.

And then they brought the creations of their imaginations to life!

They drew pictures of their new friends, outlining their form on multicolored fabrics. With the help of a few willing adults, the kids cut out those forms, sewed them together, and stuffed them into being.

But what animal-being could exist without a heart? The kids cut out little red hearts, and in each of their imaginary friends, they put a tiny, but vital heart.

The kids were enchanted. I’m pretty sure this wins the award for CUTEST PROJECT EVER.

Thanks, Zoey!

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