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Two Donors and Friends Visit SOLD in Thailand

September 4, 2012

From the Field

We like to brag sometimes that we have the best supporters in the world. It’s true. We’ll arm wrestle you for it. Just to give you an example, we wanted to share about two recent rockstars, Nicole and Kirstin, who came to Thailand for two weeks to see the beautiful country and learn more about our work.

Kirstin found about about The SOLD Project a couple years ago through a social media outlet and soon became a Stand 4 Freedom sponsor. She is 25, originally from Texas, but just moved to Seattle with her husband. She is pursing two (!) masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Theology and Culture. Nicole, who used to manage Kirstin at Massage Envy in Texas, heard about SOLD after donating to Kirstin’s fundraising site. Nicole recently sold her Massage Envy franchises and is focusing on being a stay-at-home mother of four. She is part of a ministry in Woodlands, Texas called “Jesus Loves Dancers,” an outreach to women working in strip clubs. This was both their first trip to Asia. Nicole’s name has been going around in internal SOLD emails because we’re asking “Who is this girl?” as donations roll in to our organization “in honor of Nicole.”

Nicole says she now “feels empowered to share more about these topics and become an activist to encourage others to join me in my desire to end human trafficking and sex slavery.” For Kirstin, the impact came from “putting faces to stories and seeing SOLD in action… It was inspiring to see the impact SOLD is having on the community.”

And that’s how it happens. One re-tweet, one coffee date, one donation at a time, people are learning about how education is preventing exploitation in a little village in northern Thailand.

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