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A Walk For Freedom

November 5, 2012

Political Action

This weekend marked the beginning of a long walk for freedom! Two friends, American Ali Wiener and Thai Tanrak Chiengtong, who had met while volunteering in flood relief last year, combined their energies and passions to help join the fight against human trafficking by organizing a walk for freedom. This walk, which began on Saturday, marks a 370-km trek from Bangkok, Thailand, all the way to the Three Pagodas Pass just beyond the Myanmar (Burma) border.

The goal in The Freedom to Walk is to raise awareness about human trafficking and donate funds to several organizations which are focused on trafficking prevention.  They hope to raise at least US$100,000.

As the walk progresses, they will also be providing education to the walkers about the issue of human trafficking. They hope to equip each person to bring this knowledge and awareness back to their home communities and lobby governments to make companies more transparent about their supply chains (i.e. where labor is coming from and whether it involves slave labor).

As of today, they are very close to their goal, having reached $94,000, with walkers joining in from as many as ten different countries – including U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney. It’s a monumental effort and we’re very excited to see this joint effort between foreigners and Thais to grapple with this issue locally. We wish them luck on their trek!

For more information or to follow along, visit

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