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We’ve Moved!

July 21, 2013

The SOLD Project is excited to announce our website has gotten a makeover! We think you’ll find the spirit of SOLD remains the same with the new look, but we’ve tweaked things a bit to update our look, organize things a little more clearly, and have more things available at your fingertips–like a better shopping experience for SOLD merchandise…AND…



Now, instead of having to come to wordpress to keep up with The SOLD Project’s news and updates, you can find it all directly on our website at:!

We’ve already started posting over there, with our “Launching ‘Travel With Us'” post, which announced our brand new video. (If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you click over and check it out now!!) So, changes are effective immediately!

But that does mean goodbye to our wordpress blog…


To do so, add this to your feed reader:

Do it while you’re thinking about it now (because if it were me, I’d totally forget!), and we’ll see you back at the home site,!

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